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Allowing your loved one with Alzheimer's to participate in the decision making process for the future will lift a lot of burden for you in the long run.

During the early stages of Alzheimer's your loved one will be able to make choices concerning long-term care, health care, finances, power of attorney and much more. Having them participate will give you a little bit more easy because you will not have to guess or be unsure if you're making a decision that honors their wishes.


During these early stages ASK QUESTIONS. As difficult as this may be for both parties, it's better to address these issues now versus later. This will be better for you emotional and mental as well because there will be plenty to deal with and you may not have the strength and confidence in knowing that you are making sound choices for your loved one.

Here are some places I found to be quite helpful in regards to legal matters.


Community Medicaid

Long Term Care Policy 

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